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Technical Notes

*Tech notes out of numerical order indicates a cancelled note.

Technical Notes
Subject Date
Technical Note 1 Computing Pure Lives Seed (PDF) April 1974
Technical Note 2 Using RUSLE2 for the Design and Predicted Effectiveness of Vegetative Filter Strips (VFS) for Sediment (PDF) June 2007
Technical Note 4 Managing Native Grass Stands for Seed Production (PDF) June 1978
Technical Note 5 Rules of Thumb for Estimating Return from Pasture Management Under Revision
Technical Note 8 Calibration of Seeding Equipment (PDF) December 1983
Technical Note 11 Legume Inoculation (PDF) | Attachment (PDF) December 2006
Technical Note 12 Estimating Severe Erosion from Single Storm Events (PDF) December 2006
Technical Note 15 Designing Wind Erosion Control Systems (PDF) January 1987
Technical Note 16 Contour Stripcropping Planning and Layout Guide (PDF) November 2007
Technical Note 17 Plant Dry Matter Values (PDF) August 1987
Technical Note 19 Revised Guideline for Herbaceous Stand Evaluation - Plant Density (PDF) October 1997
Technical Note 22 Repairing Flood Damaged Fields (PDF) November 1993
Technical Note 23 Iowa Noxious Weeds (PDF) January 2007
Technical Note 24 Baseline Worksheet for Nutrient and/or Pest Management Under Revision
Technical Note 25 Iowa Phosphorus Index (PDF) August 2004
Technical Note 26 Windows Pesticide Screening Tool (PDF) January 2007
Technical Note 27 Seeding Guidance for Pothole, Riverene, and other Wetland Related Long-Term Easements (PDF) February 2008
Technical Note 28 Guidance for Seeding Natives on Prairie Reconstruction Sites (PDF) October 2003
Technical Note 29 Dominant Critical Area (PDF) November 2008
Technical Note 30 Iowa Forage and Livestock Balance Worksheet (PDF) July 2014
Technical Note 31 Forage Management in a Grazing System (PDF) July 2014
Technical Note 32 Graziers Arithmetic (PDF) July 2014
Technical Note 33 Creating a Prescribed Grazing Plan (PDF) July 2014
Technical Note 34 Pasture and Hayland Planting (PDF) April 2012
Technical Note 35 Switchgrass for Biomass Production by Variety Selection and Establishment Methods for Missouri, Illinois and Iowa (PDF) January 2009
Technical Note 36 Aerial Seeding of Cover Crops (PDF) September 2010
Technical Note 37 Pest Management in the Conservation Planning Process (PDF) February 2011
Technical Note 38 Cover Crop Management (PDF) June 2013
Technical Note 39 Recommended Cover Crop Seeding Methods and Tools (PDF) June 2013


Biology Technical Notes Subject Date
Technical Note 6 Chemicals Registered for Fishery Use Under Revision
Technical Note 7 Fish Pond Management Information Under Revision
Technical Note 8 Establishment and Management of Native Warm Season Grasses for Wildlife Under Revision
Technical Note 9 Designing Areas for Wildlife Under Revision
Technical Note 11 Improving Ponds for Ducks and Geese Under Revision
Technical Note 13 Reducing Factors Limiting Wildlife Populations Under Revision
Technical Note 15 Landscape and Wildlife Habitat Under Revision
Technical Note 19 Creation of Waterfowl Nesting Islands (PDF) May 1992
Technical Note 20 Wetland Vegetation and Water Management Consideration Under Revision
Technical Note 21 The Values of CRP Fields to Northern Bobwhite Quail Under Revision
Technical Note 22 New Indiana Bat Habitat Requirements (PDF) | Map (PDF) February 2001
Technical Note 23 Topeka Shiner Sites (PDF) March 2001
Technical Note 24 Shallow Water Excavation for Wildlife (PDF) October 2001
Technical Note 25 Bald Eagle Nest Site Information (PDF) March 2008


Cultural Resources Technical Note Subject Date
Technical Note 1 Requesting State Office Assistance for Potential Archeological Impacts (PDF) December 2004


Woodland Technical Note Subject Date
Technical Note 21 Windbreak/Shelterbelt - Odor Control (PDF) May 2014