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Shelby County Rain Damage Photos

Shelby County Rain Damage Photos


Elkhorn Creek

The banks of Elkhorn Creek give way.

Elkhorn Creek

After water receeded, it showed gully erosion damage.

Elkhorn Creek

Stream banks gave way after water receeded.

Damaged Crops

Planted corn was damaged from the concentrated runoff.

East Branch of the West Nishnabota River

Just outside of Harlan, the river was out of its banks, and formed gullies.


Gravel Road

Water was over the top of the is gravel road, including corn residue, and gullies formed down through the ditches.


On fields with any slope, this was often the scene.


Another unprotected field where terraces could only do so much to help stop soil erosion.

Broken Fence

Soil washed off this field and caused a fence to break.

Sheet and Rill Erosion

At a dairy, an unprotected hillside shows signs of erosion.


Soil Washed Away

Unprotected soil was washed away from this hillside.

New EQIP Structure

A new EQIP structure shows signs of sheet and rill erosion.

Field Border

Bare soil on a newly seeded field border has washed away.

Flood Damage

The West Nishnabotna River was out of its banks, causing problems near Corley, where a new bridge is set to be constructed.

Rip rap blown out

Elkhorn Creek banks were being stabilized using rip rap, but concentrated flows caused this gully to form. On the cropland, flooding affects show small logs from the Creek water.


Gully Erosion

Soil Conservation Technician Luke Zaiger shows the depth of this gully near a dairy operation.


This gully formed from about a ten acre drainage area near a road...soil covered a nearby road.

Streambank Erosion

Streambanks on the East Branch of the West Nishnabotna eroded, and strips of protective grasses were torn off into the river.

Damaged Cropland

Some of this cropland was damaged, where a small stream formed after heavy rains.

Blown Out Terraces

A section of this terrace couldn't handle the heavy rains.


Damaged Terrace

Parts of this terrace washed away after heavy rains in May.