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Iowa NRCS State Office Directory

State Conservationist Staff (515) 284-6655
Kurt Simon State Conservationist
Jim Gertsma State Wetland Specialist
Shelly Grimmius Executive Assistant
Assistant State Conservationist (Management & Strategy) Staff (515) 284-4525
Jon Hubbert Asst. State Conservationist (Management & Strategy)
Jaia Fischer Business Services Specialist (Training)
Lori Derringer Financial Resources Specialist
Elmer Foxx Administrative Assistant
Lisa Hobs Secretary
Assistant State Conservationist (Programs) Staff (515)284-4353
David Brommel Acting Asst. State Conservationist (Programs)
Farm Bill Team
David Brommel CSP Coordinator
Paul Goldsmith EQIP Coordinator
Easement Programs Team (515) 284-4222
Sindra Jensen State Easement Programs Coordinator
Shelley Dugan Legal Instruments Examiner
Joanne Bruce Easement Programs Specialist
John Paulin Wetland Restoration Specialist
Alecia Meuleners Law Clerk
Kimberly Broders Administrative Assistant
Assistant State Conservationist (Partnerships) Staff (515) 284-4370
Marty Adkins Asst. State Conservationist (Partnerships)
Judy Martinson Resource Conservationist
Laurel Foreman Hydrologist
Information Technology Staff (515) 284-4283
Dale Bruce Iowa Group Manager (OCIO-ITS)
Reneé Reece IT Specialist
Lloyd Johnson IT Specialist
Lisa Hobbs Secretary
Public Information Team (515) 284-4262
Laura Crowell State Public Affairs Specialist/Outreach Coordinator
Jason Johnson Public Affairs Specialist
Tara Kinyon-Anderson Secretary
Engineering Staff (515) 284-4357
Christian Osborn State Conservation Engineer
Mark McCurdy Asst. State Conservation Engineer
Kathleen Woida State Geologist
Joseph Thompson Geologist
Mark Garrison Environmental Engineer
Jean Sandstrom Civil Engineer
James Gibbs Engineering Technician (Civil)
Cindy Slagle Secretary
Ecological Sciences and Conservation Planning Staff (515) 284-4370
Grover DePriest State Resource Conservationist
Barb Stewart State Agronomist
Don Carrington Wetlands and Compliance Specialist
Kevin Kuhn Resource Conservationist/TSP Coordinator
Alan Lange Resource Conservationist
Eric Hurley Nutrient Management Specialist
Richard Rogers Archaeologist
James Cronin State Biologist
Alan Lauver Agricultural Economist
Stacy Wickman Toolkit Coordinator
Tara Kinyon-Anderson Secretary
Soils Staff (515) 284-4135
Rick Bednarek State Soil Scientist
Cynthia Page Physical Science Technician
Cindy Slagle Secretary
Geographic Information Systems Staff (515) 284-4135
Gregg Hadish State GIS Specialist
Jim Phillips GIS Specialist