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Engineering Software

Attention NRCS employees: If you machine has Window XP as the operating system, please contact your IT Specialist before installing any of the software from this page, especially if the program is not working or needs to be reinstalled.

The following engineering software is available for downloading. Note that you will ONLY receive the executable programs and some sample input files. The documentation can be ordered from the U.S. government clearing house.

National Technical Information Service Homepage

National Technical Information Service
United States Department of Commerce
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161
1-800-553-6847 or (703) 487-4650

PONDDESIGN PROGRAM (Missouri Pond Program)
Approved for use in Georgia.

Georgia Climate Data
Many software programs used in Georgia require the use of climate data formatted special ways. The files on this page are intended to for use on NRCS conservation practices in Georgia.

Estimating Runoff and Peak Discharge (EFH2)
(4.87MB): windows NT version : CCE approved
This program provides simplified procedures for estimating surface runoff and peak discharge from small rural watersheds for use in designing soil and water conservation measures. Computation procedures are described in the Engineering Field Handbook, Chapter 2 (EFH2).

Compressed Zip fileTR-55 Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds
(264 KB): version: 2.00 Date: 01/15/90 Prompts for data input
This program provides simplified procedures to calculate storm runoff volume, peak rates of discharge, and storage volumes required for storm water detention basins. These procedures are applicable in small watersheds, especially urbanizing watersheds. The program provides for hydrologic analysis of a watershed under various combinations of land uses using single-event storm rainfall frequency data. The program can accommodate division of the watershed into 10 subareas and will estimate individual subareas as well as total area peak rates of runoff. This program can also be obtained from the NRCS Water Science and Technology Services web page for Hydrology & Hydraulics / Tools and Models / TR-55. A windows version WinTR-55 is also available.

SITES - Water Resource Site Analysis Software
The SITES software is a descendent of the SCS DAMS2 program. DAMS2 was a full- featured rainfall-runoff routing program developed over an extended time period for use in SCS dam design and analysis. In developing the SITES software, DAMS2 was recorded and the auxiliary (emergency) spillway analysis portion of the program was rewritten and expanded to include new technology for spillway performance evaluation developed through the joint efforts of the Agricultural Research Service and the NRCS.

Compressed Zip fileTR-20 HYDROLOGY - Project Formulation Hydrology (270 KB)
This program can also be obtained from the NRCS Water Science and Technology Services web page for Hydrology & Hydraulics / Tools and Models / TR-20.

Certified Software Summary
The files available on this page for downloading are approved for use on the NRCS computers.