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Douglas County Success Stories

Douglas County Success Stories

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The Glover Family Pioneers Organic Farming in Douglas County 

Skip and Cookie Glover of Douglasville are proud pioneers and teachers of chemical-free farming. Glover’s family has owned the 50 acre farm for over 100 years. It was originally a cattle and corn operation then was slowly transformed into a natural farming/market operation. The interest in organic farming began with Skip’s father in the 60’s.

He became inspired to find alternative approaches to insect and nutrient management after reading Silent Spring by Rachael Carson. This also led to natural soil building techniques. The farm grows a variety of vegetables, herbs, honey and flowers while respecting the environment and the countryside. Of the 50 acres, only approximately 10 are in use for farming, free range chickens and goats.

 The rest of the acreage is left in a natural state for wildlife. The farm also supports several different on-going educational programs for children and adults. Currently, they have an,“organic apprentice,” Jordan Merrell from Utah working with them. Merrell plans to move to Peru after his apprenticeship to teach English and Chemical-Free Farming.

The Glovers have had a great, on-going relationship with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and local employees. They have hosted NRCS workshops and worked to establish the no-till conservation practices locally. They are currently utilizing the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) to help establish the fencing to exclude animals from the stream.

In addition to their full-time farming and educational duties, they are also actively involved with the Farmers Fresh Food Network, Cottonmill Farmers Market, Piedmont Green Market, Heifer International and the National Immigrant Farming Initiative. Skip and Cookie are truly an inspiration to growers everywhere.

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