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Earth Team Volunteers

Georgia's Earth Team Volunteer Program

At the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), we are very proud of our Earth Team Volunteers’ commitment to conservation.  The Earth Team is the volunteer workforce of NRCS and we are making a difference in every county in the nation.  The primary purpose of the Earth Team volunteer program is to expand NRCS services by using volunteer time, talent, and energy to help accomplish the NRCS mission. Nationally, 22,800 Earth Team volunteers donated 330,000 hours of service worth approximately $7.3 million in fiscal year 2013. Georgia's Earth Team volunteers donated more than 2,000 hours across the Peach State in fiscal year 2013.

Individuals from all walks of life volunteer to help NRCS and districts carryout their conservation mission. Volunteers help to protect and conserve the Earth's natural resources. By volunteering you will help ensure that generations to come will enjoy Earth's natural bounty. You will learn new skills and meet and work with new people.

Georgia Earth Team Volunteer Spotlight

Allegra Stransky is an Earth Team Volunteer located in Coastal Georgia

Allegra Stransky | Allegra has moved several times with her military husband but she has managed to make each new place feel like home by volunteering. Their latest army move was to Ft. Stewart, Georgia where she is an Earth Team volunteer with the Richmond Hill NRCS office. Allegra says that she is enjoying learning about coastal Georgia and experiencing life in the low country.


Melissa Mooneyham volunteers in Northwest Georgia.

Melissa Mooneyham  |  Melissa was instrumental in documenting the successes of EWP projects in Dade, Walker, and Catoosa Counties. There was a lot of data gathered in the damage survey reports for each potential and actual EWP site. Melissa took information from damage survey reports and information from the implementation of the practices at each site and developed a great summary of what was accomplished.

















Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone 14 years of age or older and interested in conserving our precious natural resources can join the Earth Team. You can work part-time or full-time, evenings or weekends, outdoors or in an local NRCS office. You can volunteer as an individual or as a group!

For additional information on Georgia's Earth Team Volunteer program, contact Amelia Hines, Georgia's Volunteer Coordinator at 706-769-3990 extension 113.

Earth Team Volunteer Application (232 KB)

Earth Team Volunteer Placement Summary (246 KB)