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Federal Conservation Agency Announces Funds for Georgia's 2012 Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) Program

Luther Jones, State Public Affairs Specialist
706 546-2069

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Applications due April 12, 2012

ATHENS, GA, March 12, 2012 --- James E. Tillman, Sr., State Conservationist for the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Georgia today announced that the NRCS is requesting applications for Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) to stimulate the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches and technologies. Applications are due April 12, 2012.

For fiscal year 2012, up to $300,000 is available for the Georgia State CIG competition. Grants will not exceed $75,000 from NRCS. Funds will be awarded through a statewide competitive grants process. Applications are requested from eligible government or non-government organizations, or individuals for competitive consideration of grant awards for projects between one and three years in duration.

Applications may be submitted electronically at the Web site or hard copy which must be received in the Georgia NRCS State Office by 4:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time (EST) April 12, 2012. The address for the U.S. Postal Service, hand-delivered applications, or applications submitted using express mail or overnight courier service is: Dale Bogardus, State CIG Technical Contact, NRCS, 355 East Hancock Avenue, Mail Stop 200, Athens, GA 30601.

Funding Categories include the following; Energy, Nutrient Management, and Specialty Crops.  A description of each of these funding categories can be found at the Georgia NRCS web site,

A full announcement of the Georgia CIG State Component is available on-line at;jsessionid=dgNjPptSP6DDJyCMFBBDW9Gy6gNmsQ8y28dnmvDn71L5VwhNQ6l3!1471941753?oppId=151833&mode=VIEW or by going to the website.  A search by agency (Browse by Agency), and a more detailed

search, selecting “Department of Agriculture,” should aid in locating the Georgia Conservation Innovation Grant State Component.

For further questions please contact Dale Bogardus at

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