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Highly Erodible Land and Wetland Compliance

Since the passage of the Food Security Act in 1985 (1985 Farm Bill) wetland conservation is an integral part of Georgia agriculture. With increased public awareness of the environmental benefits associated with wetlands andImage of a wetland area in southwest Georgia the high rates of wetland conversion Congress was prompted to enact this legislation.

Converted this perceived wasted space and many acres of high quality wetlands have been considered to be more beneficial at the time. A study completed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife in 1990, estimated that less than 80 percent of Georgia’s original wetlands still existed by the early 80s.

With the help of the 1985 Farm Bill wetland conservation provisions, and restoration efforts through other federal programs, the state of Georgia continues to make progress in protecting and restoring wetlands.

This document, What Every Georgia Farmer Needs to Know, gives a brief overview of the wetland conservation provisions of the 1985 Farm Bill, as amended; and pertains to USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) wetland determinations only.

What Every Farmer Needs to Know Factsheet (PDF) (641 KB)

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