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Ware County Success Stories

Ware County Success Stories

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Litter Stackhouse Helps Keep Water Bodies and Wetlands Clean                

When Christine Bagley became concerned about runoff from her chicken litter polluting water bodies, she contacted USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service for assistance. Bagley, with the assistance of her nephew, Ricky, manages a chicken farm in Ware County.

Bagley stored the chicken litter and later contracted with local farmers to pick up her chicken litter for use in fertilizing their cropland. This arrangement was a win-win situation for everyone, but Mrs. Bagley was concerned about letting the litter sit between the time the chicken houses were cleaned and the time the farmers came to pick up the litter. She was concerned that the litter was getting wet and runoff from the litter would pollute water bodies and wetlands.

Mrs. Bagley did not have proper storage facilities for the litter and did not have the money to construct one on her own. Upon recommendation of her brother, also a chicken farmer, she contacted Seven Rivers Resource Conservation and Development Council (RC&D) Office for assistance.

The Seven Rivers RC&D Office worked with Mrs. Bagley to develop a grant request to construct a stackhouse for storage of the poultry litter. The new stackhouse will prevent harmful nutrients from getting into the water supply of Ware County.

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