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Fish and Wildlife Habitat Improvement Practices

Fish and wildlife habitat measures may include stream habitat improvement and management, water level control structures, fish ladders, fish shelters, marsh development,and nesting areas for waterfowl. These are measures installed to improve the habitat or environment for the breeding, growth, and development of water-based fish and wildlife or to provide opportunities for public use, or both.  Restoration of wetlands to benefit fish and wildlife is also included in this category.

Examples of fish and wildlife habitat improvement practices:

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picture of rock cross vane structure in a stream

picture of trees planted in riparian area

 Stream habitat improvement and management

wetland picture

egret.jpg (72468 bytes)

 Wetland enhancement, restoration, and creation

picture of livestock exclusion fence

picture of cows at watering trough

 Fencing and water distribution systems for livestock

picture of streambank revetment

picture of streambank stabilization using rock and willows

 Streambank stabilization

picture of people with riparian buffer sign

picture of forested riparian buffer

 Riparian buffers

picture of river crossing

picture of a stream crossing

 Stream crossings