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Georgia's Civil Rights Program


To facilitate the fair and equitable treatment of NRCS customers and employees while ensuring the successful delivery of the Civil Rights programs and activities in Georgia


To promote harmony and diversity for one Georgia

We Want To Hear Your Ideas And Concerns !!

You can send your ideas and concerns to the Georgia Civil Rights Committee by by using this link. All issues raised will be brought before the Committee and the State Conservationist for discussion and appropriate action.

Note: If you do not use your name in the email then we may not respond to you personally because your message will come to us anonymously.

Anonymous E-Mail

Disclaimer: All anonymous e-mails are routed through the Georgia Civil Rights Vice Chairperson to the Civil Rights Committee Chairperson.

You may also send an e-mail to the Civil Rights Committee if you have concerns that you would like a reply to.

Civil Rights E-Mail

The Natural Resource Conservation Service or NRCS is a federal agency whose mission is to help people help the land. The agency assists landowners in holistic management of plants, soil, air, wildlife and water. If you are interested in becoming an NRCS volunteer, employee, or want to learn more about NRCS contact the office in your area. To view this statement in Vietnamese, Chinese and Hmong click here.


Civil Rights Advisory Committee

State Office Deputy EEO Officer 

Civil Rights Advisory Committee Chair

Terrance O. Rudolph Cindy Haygood
Robert G. Stephens Federal Bldg.  USDA Service Center
355 E. Hancock Ave. 408 N White St
Athens, GA 30601-2769 Carrollton, GA 30117-2441
Fax: (855) 417-8490 Fax: (770) 834-9534
Phone: (706) 546-2272 Phone: (770) 832-8942

Civil Rights Advisory Council Members        

Terrance O. Rudolph, State Office Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer
Cindy Haygood, Chairman
Jerome Brown, Vice Chairman
Sharon Holbrooks, Secretary

Special Emphasis Program Managers

Ron Morton, American Indian/Alaskan Native Emphasis Program Manager
Jeffery Epps, Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program Manager
Jerome Brown, Black Emphasis Program Manager
Karri Honaker, Federal Women Emphasis Program Manager
Paul Long, Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager
Wanda Wetlesen-Shepherd, Disability/Veterans Special Emphasis Program Manager
Mike Watson, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Special Emphasis Program Manager
Sharon Holbrooks, State Office Representative
Dulcy Longino, Area 1 Representative
Chelsea Cutler, Area 2 Representative
Stacey Mathews, Area 3 Representative
Kevin Hill, Area 4 Representative


Sharon Gipson, State Administrative Officer

Special Advisors

Karla Martin, 1890 Liaison
Daniel Westcot, Outreach Coordinator/USDA StrikeForce
Debbie Henry, American Indian Liaison

Civil Rights Posters and Bulletin Board Materials

Georgia NRCS Civil Rights Posters and Bulletin Board Materials

More Information

Calendar of Events
What are Special Emphasis Programs?
Georgia Civil Rights Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

The following document requires Adobe Acrobat.

Georgia Civil Rights Advisory Committee 2015 Plan of Work
Georgia NRCS Outreach Plan FY 2014
Georgia Civil Rights Advisory Committee Bylaws 
Southeast American Indian Workgroup Plan

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