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Florida is one of nine states included in the Longleaf Pine Initiative.  Participants will receive financial assistance for implementing conservation practices including site preparation, planting longleaf pine, installing firebreaks, conducting prescribed burning and controlling invasive plants.  

Core practices for Longleaf Pine Initiative

Practice Name Number Units
Forest Stand Improvement 666 ac
Prescribed Burning 338 ac
Restoration and Management of Rare and Declining Habitats 643 ac
Tree/Shrub Establishment 612 ac
Firebreak 394 ft
Tree/Shrub Site Preparation 490 ac
Silvopasture Establishment 381 ac
Forest Trails and Landings 655 ac
Upland Wildlife Habitat Management 645 ac
Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management 644 ac
Early Successional Habitat Development/Mgt 647 ac
Forest Trails and Landings 655 ac
Access Control 472 ac
Fence 382 ft
Forest Slash Treatment 384 ac
Fuel Break 383 ac
Pest Management 595 ac
Tree/Shrub Pruning 660 ac

Success Stories

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