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Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) 

Tractor in FieldThe Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) is a voluntary conservation program that helps agricultural producers maintain and improve their existing conservation systems and adopt additional conservation activities to improve resource conditions including soil quality, water quality, water quantity, air quality, and habitat quality, as well as energy. Participants will receive an annual land use payment for operation-level environmental benefits they produce and conservation performance - the higher the performance, the higher the payment. 

CSP is available on tribal and private agricultural lands and non-industrial private forest land in all 50 states and the Caribbean and Pacific Islands areas. The program provides equitable access to all producers, regardless of operation size, crops produced or geographic location.  

CSP provides two types of payments through five-year contracts: annual payments for installing new conservation activities and maintaining existing practices; and supplemental payments for adopting a resource-conserving crop rotation. 

Additional restrictions and program requirements may apply.

How to Apply

CSP general sign-up and contract renewal deadline has passed. FY 2015 CSP materials have been archived on the national webpage in preparation for the FY2016 ranking period.  The 2015 job sheets are still available.  FY2016 ranking period information will be available at a later date. You can find more information on the national CSP website.

Visit your local NRCS field office or go to Getting Started with NRCS to apply.

Program Contacts