Information for New Employees

The following information is provided to help new Florida NRCS employees.

What do I need to do?

Before You Start:

Before you arrive for you first day of work with NRCS, Human Resources must receive the following information or forms:

Declaration of Federal Employment – OF 306

Official College Transcripts – If you are qualifying for your job based on you educational background

We also recommend that you review the following websites so that you will be prepared to enroll in our employee benefits programs immediately.

First Day:

These are the essential forms that you will need to complete in order to get paid.  Your supervisor will give you time to complete these forms.  Please complete these forms online, print them and mail them to Human Resources by the close of business on your first day.  These forms can be printed and handwritten if necessary.  We recommend that you check out the Benefits for New Employees first.

Enter on Duty Forms (PDFs):

First Week:

Your supervisor will give you time to complete these forms.  Return them to Human Resources as soon as possible.  These forms can be filled out online or can be printed off and handwritten.  You are also responsible for reading the Employee Handbook.

First Month:

The following information pertains to important employment policies and standards of conduct that you will need to follow as a NRCS employee.  During your first month, you must review these materials and become familiar with them.  By clicking on each subject below you will call up a fact sheet or booklet pertaining to that topic.

Employee Benefits

Florida Human Resources Contact

Human Resources Manager, 352-338-9526