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Volunteer Miller


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Featured Volunteer: Joyce MillerJoyce Miller showing soils information to students

Location: Baldwin Service Center

Job Title: Earth Team Volunteer

Date: April 2008

Joyce Miller – Volunteer Envirothon Coordinator

Joyce Miller is the Coordinator for the First Coast Regional Envirothon and Nassau County Volunteer. She also assists Duval and Baker Counties when needed.

Joyce retired after 16 years from the Harford County Soil Conservation District in Maryland where she was a State Soil Conservation Technician and then Planner. Her Bachelor of Science Degree is in Agriculture from the University of Connecticut.

While in Maryland, one of her job responsibilities was to coordinate the county Envirothon. After attending two Canon National Envirothons, one in Nova Scotia and one in Maryland, she realized what a great program it is for teaching young people how to better manage our natural resources. When she moved to Florida she found out there was a need here to keep the Regional envirothons going. “I felt I could use my experience to help improve the existing program and hopefully continue to learn ways to make our regional program even better.” The Envirothon offers a way to learn about the environment by being there and hearing first hand from NRCS professionals like Foresters, Soil Scientists, Wildlife Specialists, Aquatic Ecologists, and others. “I have always felt close to the Earth and want to share the beauty and inspiration it gives me with others,” says Miller.

“I am just proud knowing we are working as a team to make it happen; keep the Duval Soil and Water Conservation District ENVIROTHON going.”

Miller feels the most exciting thing is seeing the interaction of the students as they share their experiences: "Did you see that white-headed eagle sitting on the fence post right at eye level!" "Wow, did you see that hawk land in the treetop, right at the Wildlife station?" "Did you see all those deer run across the road and leap over the fence?" "I saw a gopher tortoise!"

“It's especially rewarding having an advisor tell me her team is "eating this up". It's all those smiles when the teams go up to receive their awards. It's about enjoying the out doors and learning.”