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Featured Employee: Dino RicciardiDino Ricciardi, nealing on ground, consulting on engineering project

Location: Palmetto, Florida

Employee Job Title: Agricultural Engineer

Date: May 2008

Positive and Helpful Attitude Shine in Engineer

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Florida, Dino M. Ricciardi works as an engineer in the NRCS Area office in Palmetto, Florida. In his 23 years of service with NRCS, Dino has worked in three of the four administrative areas in Florida, and has worked in five locations.

As an NRCS employee he has always strived to be innovative and upbeat in his job. He always tries to make the job more enjoyable for his fellow workers and himself. He firmly believes in “if it isn’t fun, don’t do it”. He promotes teamwork and a sense of accomplishment within his work environment.

“I am proud of my contributions to help landowners put conservation on the ground. Whether it’s providing sound engineering, working with other units of government or developing incentives to encourage good stewardship, I just try to get it done”’ Dino says.

Dino’s skills were put to the test in the aftermath of the 2004-2005 Atlantic hurricane seasons. Hurricane Charley was the first of six major hurricanes that struck the Florida peninsula. The town of Punta Gorda, which is crisscrossed with canals, was virtually destroyed by Hurricane Charley. NRCS pulled 600 tons of debris from the waterways in Punta Gorda under authorization from the Emergency Watershed Protection Program. Dino was the lead NRCS engineer on the project.

Jeffery White, area conservationist says, “Dino is the type of employee that exhibits passion for his job on a daily basis. Whether it is providing training to NRCS and partner employees, assisting a field office with a project, or providing direct assistance on site, Dino approaches the task with a positive and helpful attitude.”