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Volunteer Bailey

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Featured Volunteer: Mike BaileyMike Bailey handing out trees on Arbor Day

Location: Crestview Field Office

Job Title: Earth Team Volunteer

Date: April 2008

Mike Bailey – One of Earth’s Best Friends

Mike Bailey has been an Earth Team Volunteer with NRCS for six years. Mike enjoys the outdoors and his skills as a conservation aide have been very valuable to Darryl Williams, District Conservationist in Crestview, Florida.

Mike has worked in the landscape business for many years and has the work experience that fits right in with many of the activities that the local field office supports. You’ll always see Mike around on Arbor Day, happily handing out trees to local residents and talking about how planting trees can make a difference in the air we breathe.

He also assists with field surveys to collect the data necessary to design and install conservation practices. These practices will be used by local landowners to solve many environmental resource concerns.

With all he does to help, the activity Mike enjoys most is Earth Day. Since 2002, he has assisted the DC with Earth Day. Mike has been involved with beach dune plantings, ecosystems management for coastal areas and the ever popular “Outdoors in the Classroom” study area. He has stated many times that he loves working on the various outreach projects we do and enjoys working with both the NRCS and the Yellow River Soil and Water Conservation District.

Mike is truly a great Earth Team Volunteer, and one of earth’s best friends.