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Featured Volunteer: Ken Nielsen

Location: Crestview FO

Job Title: Earth Team Volunteer - Media Specialist

Date: April 2008

Ken Nielsen – Volunteer Media Specialist

Ken Nielsen has been involved with NRCS, as a news reporter, for the last 10 years, however, he became an Earth Team Volunteer on November 1, 2007. He was employed with a local newspaper when he first became aware of the agency. Ken has written many conservation related news articles about the positive impacts that our agency has had on the local environment. Through his reporting, he has helped educate the public in the many programs and services that we provide.

Erosion control projects, wildlife management issues, tree planting programs, EWP  and numerous other NRCS endeavors have all been highlighted in Ken’s news paper articles. Ken has also assisted the District Conservationist on countless news articles and media outlet interviews.  Ken Nielsen taking video

He has stated many times that he loves the work we do and it is great working with us.

Since leaving the local newspaper he has started a web TV station. Ken has covered and assisted our public affairs specialist with video coverage on projects such as Deer Composters, Beach Dune Restoration, special RC&D projects, and school outreach projects.

With Ken’s TV station, we have gained access to a media outlet that will enable us to stay connected with our local community and beyond.

Ken Nielsen taking video in classroom