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440 – Conservation Programs Manual

Part 515 – Environmental Quality Incentives Program

SUBPART J – Conservation Practice and Technical Assistance Payments

DE 515.91 Establishing Cost Share and Incentive Payments

H. Ineligible Costs – Roofed Structures over Existing Concrete Surface Areas 

 (xviii) Delaware Policy on Roofs over existing concrete areas that address water quality concerns.

 Roofed structures are ineligible for program financial assistance.

 Financial assistance may be allowed on roofed structures in the following situations:

  Over existing concrete surface areas where manure is routinely deposited, collected, or stored. Waste Storage Facility (#313)

 The following requirements must be met in order for financial assistance to be authorized and paid for a roof:

 • The site is determined to be eligible for a roofed structure by completing the Delaware Roofed Structure Site Assessment Worksheet

 A Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) must be prepared for the entire operation prior to the practice approval.

 A Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) must be fully implemented during the life of the contract for the roof.

 Additional Guidelines

When calculating financial assistance, subtract the square footage of any existing feeding/housing areas.   The landowner is responsible for payment for the roof over these areas

No financial assistance is available for roofs to accommodate producer herd expansion.

No additional feeding or housing features shall be added to any cost shared roofed

   structure. This includes but is not limited to headlocks, stanchions, internal

   confinement areas, permanent watering facilities, etc.  Adding such features is a violation of

   the terms of the cost-share agreement and will make the producer out of compliance on the


No changes to the design or building usage are permitted during the design life of the structure.

Financial assistance is only available for the square footage needed for loafing. This will be

  determined on a case-by-case basis.


(440-V-CPM, Amendment DE 1, April 2009)