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440-DE supplement


Part 515 – Environmental Quality Incentives Program

 SUBPART J – Conservation Practice and Technical Assistance Payments

 DE 515.91 Establishing Cost Share and Incentive Payments

 G. Eligible Costs – (1.) Heavy Area Use Protection Policy for New and Existing Waste Storage Structures 

(xviii) Delaware Policy Requiring  Heavy Use Area Protection (HUAP) (#561) on new and existing Waste Storage Facilities (#313).

 When producers request financial assistance on Heavy Use Area Protection (HUAP) (#561) for poultry house entrances, they are required to install a HUAP on any existing Waste Storage Structure where manure from those houses will be stored. 

If a producer requests the maximum number of pads allowed for financial assistance in a program year, they will be granted financial assistance for the additional HUAP(s) for the entrance(s) to the Waste Storage Structure(s). 

HUAP will be required at the entrance of any newly constructed Waste Storage Facility.  

This policy only applies to roofed Waste Storage Structures.


(440-V-CPM, Amendment DE 2, April 2009)