Agricultural Management Assistance Program

Staff Contact: Tim Garrahan, Farm Bill Specialist
(302) 678 - 4260
FAX: (302) 678-0843


Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) provides cost share assistance to agricultural producers to voluntarily address issues such as water quality, and erosion control by incorporating conservation into their farming operations. Producers may improve  animal operations; plant trees for windbreaks or to improve water quality; and mitigate risk through production diversification or resource conservation practices, including soil erosion control, integrated pest management, or high tunnel houses.

NEW! Next batch date for 2014 AMA set for December 20, 2013

*NEW! 2014 Application Cutoff Dates:

a.1st Application Cutoff Date – December 20, 2013

b.2nd Application Cutoff Date – January 17, 2014

c.3rd Application Cutoff Date – February 21, 2014

d. 4th Application Cutoff Date- March 21, 2014

e. 5th Application Cutoff Date - April 18, 2014

f. 6th Application Cutoff Date - May 16, 2014

Delaware 2014 AMA Payment Schedule

Delaware 2013 AMA Information

2013 AMA Seasonal High Tunnel Ranking Tool (XLSX; 15 KB)
2013 AMA Cropland Ranking Tool (XLSX; 21 KB)
2013 AMA Control of Land Form (DOC; 24 KB)
2013 AMA Program Application Form CCC 1200 (PDF; 38 KB)
2013 AMA Other Eligibility (PDF; 24 KB)
2013 AMA Eligible Practice List And Payment Schedule (XLSX; 257 KB)