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Delaware RCPP Questions and Answers

Question 1: Can the   landowner portion of a cost-shared conservation practice be used as part of the match?

Answer: No.

Question 2: Can the landowner donation/discount for the purchase of an easement be used as part of the match?

Answer: No

Question 3: Can funds used to cost-share on conservation practices prior to RCPP be counted as part of the match?

Answer: No. Only work done after the obligation of the RCPP funding document may be counted as part of the match.

Question 4: Would a proposal that only contained outreach and a public information campaign be eligible for RCPP funds?

Answer: No. Outreach/public information is not a goal of RCPP.

Question 5: How will the State Proposals be ranked and funded? 

Answer: State Conservationist's and their staff will rank their State's proposals. The exact details on how state proposals will be funded has yet to be determined.

Question 6: will each Critical Conservation Area (CCA) get an equal amount of  funding?

Answer: Funding will be based on the selected full proposals.