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Conservation Security Program 2006

2006 Conservation Security Program Information (CSP)

Program contact: Paul Petrichenko, Assistant State Conservationist
Phone: (302)-678-4180
FAX: (302) 678-0843

CSP is a voluntary program that provides financial and technical assistance to promote the conservation and improvement of soil, water, air, energy, plant and animal life, and other conservation purposes on Tribal and private working lands. Working lands include cropland, grassland, prairie land, improved pasture, and range land, as well as forested land that is an incidental part of an agriculture operation. The program is available in all 50 States, the Caribbean Area and the Pacific Basin area. The program provides equitable access to benefits to all producers, regardless of size of operation, crops produced, or geographic location.

Approved 2006 Conservation Security Program Watersheds for Delaware

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft MSWord, or Microsoft Excel.

Adobe Acrobat Document2006 Sign-up Announcement (247 KB)

2006 Delaware Conservation Security Program Producer Forms

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft MSWord, or Microsoft Excel.

2006 Conservation Security Program Self Assessment

MSWord DocumentWhat to Bring to Your Delaware Interview (45 KB)

MSWord DocumentConservation Security Program Producer Workbook Instructions (34 KB)

MSWord DocumentDelaware Farmland Wildlife Habitat Assessment Questionaire (Fillable Form) (70 KB)

MSWord Document2006 Conservation Security Program Preliminary Eligibility Assessment  (59 KB)

MSWord DocumentDelaware Supplement to the Conservation Security Program (50 KB)

Microsoft Excel DocumentDelaware Conservation Security Program - Supplement 1 (Irrigation Manure Data) (29 KB)

Microsoft Excel DocumentDelaware CSP - Supplement 2 (Enhancement List) (67 KB)

USDA Forms

MSWord DocumentAssignment of Payment Form (34 KB)

MSWord DocumentProducer Certification (41 KB)

MSWord DocumentControl of Land Certification (31 KB)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentConservation Security Program Application, Form CCC-1200 (51 KB)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentDirect Deposit Form (SF-1199a) (496 KB)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentAdjusted Gross Income (CCC- 526) (150 KB)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentHEL Wetland Form (AD-1026) (16 KB)

2006 Conservation Security Program Enhancement Tools

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft MSWord, or Microsoft Excel.

General Information

MSWord Document2006 Riparian Tool for Tier III (50 KB)

Air Resources Management

MSWord DocumentUse of COMET - Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases-Carbon Management Evaluation Enhancement (46 KB)

MSWord DocumentAir Injection Enhancement (46 KB)

Energy Management

MSWord DocumentEnergy Manure Enhancement (59 KB)

MSWord DocumentEnergy Bio-diesel Enhancement (52 KB)

MSWord DocumentEnergy Renewable Generation Enhancement (55 KB)

MSWord DocumentEnergy Use Reduction Enhancement (56 KB)

MSWord DocumentEnergy Soil Tillage Intensity Rating (STIR) Enhancement (45 KB)

MSWord DocumentEnergy Use of Legumes Enhancement (52 KB)

MSWord DocumentEnergy Recycling Oil Enhancement (55 KB)

MSWord DocumentEnergy Audit Enhancement (49 KB)

Grazing Management

MSWord DocumentGrazing Records (82 KB)

MSWord DocumentGrazing Enhancement (75 KB)

Habitat Management

MSWord DocumentHabitat Enhancement (54 KB)

Irrigation Management

Microsoft Excel DocumentIrrigation Index Tool (30 KB)

MSWord DocumentIrrigation Enhancement (46 KB)

Nutrient Management

MSWord Document Nutrient Records (Fillable Form) (57 KB)

MSWord DocumentNutrient Enhancement (63 KB)

Pest Management

MS Word DocumentPest Records (Fillable Form) (61 KB)

MSWord DocumentPest Management Enhancement (55 KB)

Soils Management

MSWord DocumentSoil Enhancement (150 KB)

2006 Delaware Conservation Security Program Cost Lists

Microsoft Excel DocumentChoptank River Watershed Cost List (342 KB)

Microsoft Excel DocumentUpper Nanticoke River Watershed Cost List (23.6 KB)

Maps and Additional Conservation Security Program Information