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Delaware Employee Directory

Delaware State Office Employee Directory - 2015

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Directory for Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey Information Technology Services Support - ITSS

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Information Technology Services Support Directory (29 KB, Adobe Acrobat Required)

Delaware State Conservationist Office - Main State Office Number is 302-678-4160
Name Position Phone Email
Kasey Taylor State Conservationist 302-678-4160
Vacant State Operations Manager 302-678-4162 Contact
Paul M. Petrichenko Assistant State
Conservationist Programs
Dastina Wallace Public Affairs Specialist 302-678-4179
Ivy L. McBride Executive Administrative Assistant 302-678-4175

Assistant State Conservationist for Operations
Name Position Phone Email
Vacant State Operations Manager 302-678-4162 Contact
Stephen D. Kemmerle Agricultural Economist 302-678-4184


Name Position Phone Email
Eileen Campbell Assistant State Conservationist Management and Strategy 302-678-4161
Karen E. Stubbs Business Services Specialist


855-306-3321 (Fax)
Vacant Contracting Officer 302-678-4163 Contact:
Eileen Campbell ASTC Management & Strategy 302-678-4161
Carole L. Nichols Administrative Support Assistant 302-678-4185


Name Position Phone Email
Ann P. Baldwin State Conservation Engineer 302-678-4190
Steven T. Abbott Hydraulic Engineer 302-678-4176
*Richard P. Gorlich Agricultural Engineer 302-741-2600 #111
John O. Kelley, Jr. Civil Engineering Technician 302-678-4192
*Merrill L. Vanderwende Civil Engineering Technician 302-741-2600
Clarissa Havelow
Civil Engineering Technician 302-678-4198
** Jeff McClure MEO Geologist 304-284-4898

*Located in the Dover Field Office

**Located in Morgantown, West Virginia

Assistant State Conservationist for Programs

Name Position Phone Email
Paul M. Petrichenko Assistant State Conservationist
Tim Garrahan Farm Bill Program Specialist 302-678-4260
Thomas Wiltbank NRCS Program Specialist 302-678-4169

Resource Conservationist
Name Position Phone Email
Sally L.
State Resource Conservationist 302-678-4182
Phillip S. King Cultural Resources Coordinator 302-678-4172
Jayme Arthurs Resource Conservationist 302-678-4191

Soils - Delaware/Maryland
Name Position Phone Email
Phillip S. King DE/MD/DC State Soil Scientist
Located at:
1221 College Park Drive, Suite 100
Dover, DE 19904
Arthur Walker GIS Specialist 302-678-4183

Joint Staff - Cape May Plant Materials Center, 1536 Route 9 North, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
Name Position Phone Email
Christopher Miller Regional Plant Materials Specialist 609-465-5901

Joint Staff - Delaware State University
Name Position Phone Email
Chandra Owens USDA/1890 Liaison
located at:
Delaware State University (DSU)
1200 N. Dupont Highway
Dover, Delaware 19901
DSU: 302-857-7131
FAX: 302-857-6402

Cooperating State Agency with Delaware NRCS: Division of Soil and Water Conservation
89 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901 (FAX: 302-739-6724)
Name Position Phone Email
Vacant Environmental Program Administrator
District Operations Section