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Delaware NRCS Intranet

Information for Delaware NRCS Employees

Delaware Bulletins

  • Link to Delaware Bulletins
  • Human Resources

    Contact:  Karen Stubbs
    Human Resource Manager


    The following documents require Adobe AcrobatLink to Adiobe Acrobat Document Readeror Microsoft WordLink to Microsoft Word Document Reader

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentDelaware Training Guide (43 KB)

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentAudio Visual Resource Library (44 KB)

    Performance Management (Performance & Appraisals)
    • Performance Guide
    • Supervisors - Conducting Progress Reviews with Employees
    • Employees - Preparing for end-of-year performance meeting

    The following documents require Adobe AcrobatLink to Adobe Acrobat Document Reader or Microsoft PowerPointLink to Microsoft Power Point Reader

    Microsoft Powerpoint DocumentUpdating Performance Plans Alignment, Results & Measurement (53 KB)

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentPerformance Appraisal Program 5-Level (32 KB)

    Adobe Acrobat Document OPM's 8 Step Process (Short Version) (29 KB)

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentTwo-Page Tip Sheet (16 KB)

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentGuidelines for Managers (20 KB)

    Employee Information
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Social Security Administration
  • Thrift Savings Rates of Return
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • USDA Office of Ethics
  • FEGLI Fed. Group Insurance
  • Retirement Programs
  • Employee Personal Page

  • Common Forms

    Below are many of the common forms you may need. All forms are in Adobe PDF format. When accessed from a Common Computing Environment (CCE) computer, most can be completed and then printed. You cannot save the changes to your form.

    The link "More Forms" will take you to the National Production Service - Fillable Forms page where you can download hundreds of other forms.  If you receive an error when trying to fill out a form it may be due to  incompatibility between Acrobat version on your machine and the version the form was created. The National Production Service has been notified of this problem.

    The Following Documents Require Adobe Acrobat Link to Adobe Acrobat Readeror Microsoft Word Link to Microsoft Word Reader

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentLeave Slip (41 KB)

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentTravel Voucher AD-616 (314 KB)

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentIndividual Development Plan (NRCS-Pers-702) (130KB)

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentIndividual Development Plan Continued (Pers-702a) (52KB)

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentTraining Needs Inventory (Pers-700) (87 KB)

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentProcurement Request (AD-700) (73 KB)

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentClaim for Reimbursement for Official Business Expense (SF-1164) ( 127 KB)

    Adobe Acrobat DocumentRequest for Travel Authorization (NRCS-FMN-035) (127 KB)

    Microsoft Word DocumentAttending Meetings and Conferences Request Form - Delaware (32 KB)

    Microsoft Word DocumentDelaware Check Sheet - Travel Information for Voucher (31 KB)

    If you have other forms you would like added to the "Common Forms" list, please contact the Web Master.