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Earth Team Volunteer 2006

Delaware Earth Team Committee named Don ‘Earth Team Volunteer of the Year’



Picture of Don Nichols getting an award from NRCS DC jack lackatosh

Jack Lakatosh, New Castle District Conservationist, presents
Donald (Don) Leroy Nichols with the Earth Team Volunteer
of the Year Award. Don received a certificate and letter
from the Earth Team and Delaware State Conservationist
Jon Hall, and a gift from the National Earth Team Office.

Since May 21, 1993, Donald (Don) Leroy Nichols has served as a proud member of the NRCS Earth Team. As the longest serving Earth Team Member and, as of April 1, 2006, the most contributing Earth Team Member; contributing more than 2,030 volunteer hours, Don has proven to be more than a generous volunteer. He has exceeded above and beyond the call of duty for the USDA, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Conservation District.

For these reasons the Delaware Earth Team Committee named Don ‘Earth Team Volunteer of the Year’. Through his volunteerism, he has established himself as a role model in conservation for the staff at the USDA Service Center in New Castle, for the entire NRCS Delaware staff and his community. His contributions have not gone unnoticed.

For these reasons, the members of the Earth Team Committee and Jon Hall, NRCS State Conservationist, want to thank Don and salute him as Delaware Earth Team Volunteer of the Year for 2006. As we celebrate Don’s achievements please take the time to share thanks with all the volunteers in your office and encourage them through their volunteerism.

If you have any questions about the Earth Team, volunteers or volunteering, please contact Dastina Johnson at 302.678.4179.

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