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Invasive Insects

Invasive Insects

There are many unwanted insects in, and around Connecticut. Some (both native and non-native) are human health, garden, agricultural and/or horticultural pests. Other unwanted insects are non-native forest invaders.

Two Non-Native, Invasive Forest Insects  

  1. The invasive forest insect of greatest concern in Connecticut is the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB). Although currently (2008) not found within Connecticut, ALB is a huge concern because it kills not just one species, but many tree species, most particularly those in the maple genus (Acer) including sugar maple, red maple, silver maple, Norway maple, and Box-elder.

ALERT! Report any sightings of adults or suspected evidence of Asian Longhorned Beetles

Photo of adult Asian longhorned beetle.Black- and white-banded antennae and a white-spotted, black body characterize adult Asian longhorned beetles.


Photo depicting the mature larvae of the Asian Longhorned Beetle on woodWhen the wood-boring Asian longhorned beetle larvae mature, they exit the tree trunk or branch as new adults, leaving �bullet holes� 3/8� to �� in size.




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  1. Another forest invader to be on the lookout for is the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The emerald ash borer kills ash trees; and, (as of 2008) is working its way from Michigan towards Connecticut.

ALERT! Report any sightings of adults or suspected evidence of emerald ash borers

Photo of the emerald ash bornerthe emerald ash borer is named for the distinctive color of the adult



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