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Tips for Planning Your Landscape

While Planning Your Landscape, Keep in Mind That

  • Replacing high input lawns with low maintenance lawns and perennial gardens can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides while adding beauty to your yard.
  • You can help keep butterfly populations stable by providing shelter, water, and food plants for these beautiful insects.
  • Composting is a natural way to turn kitchen scraps and yard wastes into a useful soil amendment for your yard.
  • Water gardens can be a relaxing place for you, while providing a home for aquatic life.
  • Rain gardens can absorb rainwater that would otherwise wash pollution down the street into the nearest river, stream, or lake.
  • Individualizing your yard for you and your family can improve your quality of life.
  • Utilizing what your site has to offer will save time and energy. Information on site planning.

For more information, contact Vivian Felten, Resource Conservationist, (860) 688-7725, Ext. 118.