FRPP Keeps Scenic View and Agricultural Priority in Woodstock

FRPP Keeps Scenic View and Agricultural Priority in Woodstock

The Valley Farm lies at the heart of over 1,000 acres of active farmland in the core of the East Woodstock agricultural belt.

Valley Farm is itself an active agricultural enterprise currently providing essential silage to surrounding dairy farms The 100+ acre farm is contiguous to several farms protected under the Connecticut Farmland Preservation Program.

The Eddy family, 4th generation owners of Valley Farm, decided that preserving this property will help preserve community character and the quality of life in Woodstock – attributes that are increasingly threatened by fast-paced growth and development.

Under the USDA’s Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (FRPP) and the Connecticut Farmland Preservation Program (FPP), the Town of Woodstock and the State of Connecticut received the development rights – meaning the conservation easement restricts its use to agricultural enterprise.

Not only does Valley Farm make a significant contribution to unique and highly valued scenic views in the area, it is located entirely in an area designated Agricultural Priority 1 by the Woodstock Conservation Commission, which recommends every effort be made to preserve it for continued agricultural use. With over 90% of its land area classified as prime farmland or soils of statewide importance, the farm also has the highest priority for preservation.

FRPP Program Dollars and Contracts

Fiscal Year 2005

Cumulative Total (1997-2005)

Congressional District Obligated Dollars Number of Contracts Obligated Dollars Number of Contracts
District 1 - - $ 299,800 3
District 2 $ 832,500 3 $ 8,209,511 45
District 3 - - - -
District 4 $ 906,250 1 $ 1,489,019 3
District 5 $1,274,608 3 $ 6,278,302 16
State Totals $3,013,358 7 $16,276,632 67