FRPP Helps Shelton Farms be Good to the Land

FRPP Helps Shelton Farms be Good to the Land

The Jones Family has long had the reputation as stewards of the land, and has remained faithful to its credo – Be good to the land and it will be good to you.

Under the stewardship of Terry Jones, his wife Jean, and son Jamie, the family continues the tradition of growing Christmas trees as well as strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins, gourds, squash, raspberries, and wine grapes on their 400-acre farm.

Located in the suburban White Hills section of Shelton and situated in a public water supply watershed, the Jones’ closely follow their conservation plan that includes erosion control, wildlife habitat, and protection of water and soil quality and health.

They also look for new and innovative ways to balance economic reality with environmental protection.

The Jones Family have long been advocates for the wise use of natural resources and are actively involved in national, state, and local organizations that promote the protection of working lands. Through the Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program, the Jones’ have been able to put one of their farms into a permanent conservation easement, giving them an opportunity to purchase additional land to expand their operation while helping to preserve farmland and slowing urban sprawl in Shelton.

FRPP Program Dollars and Contracts

Fiscal Year 2005

Cumulative Total (1997-2005)

Congressional District Obligated Dollars Number of Contracts Obligated Dollars Number of Contracts
District 1 - - $     299,800 3
District 2 $   832,500 3 $  8,209,511 45
District 3 - - - -
District 4 $   906,250 1 $  1,489,019 3
District 5 $1,274,608 3 $  6,278,302 16
State Totals $3,013,358 7 $16,276,632 67