Volunteers Help Build Canoe Ramp in Brookfield

Volunteers working on canoe ramp in Brookfield, Connecticut

Earth Team volunteers came out in full force to help install a canoe ramp along the Still River in the Town of Brookfield.

The project, sponsored by the King's Mark RC&D Council and the Town of Brookfield, was made possible by a Recreational Trails grant from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

Work was completed in less than 4 days and included prepping the site with about 80 tons of processed stone, then hand laying 400+ interlocking blocks, each weighing about 60 lbs. The grueling job of lugging each block from the top of the bank to the ramp inspired some of the volunteers to develop a way to make transporting them easier. They placed boards diagonally from the top of the slope to the site and slid the blocks down to waiting hands. This made the project move faster and saved a lot of heavy lifting and carrying.