Technical Resources

NRCS Colorado Technical Resources

NRCS Colorado's Technical Resources provide access to scientific resources, tools, models, and data.

Conservation Engineering

Conservation Engineering provides timely, economical, and environmentally sound solutions to natural resource plans, operations, and issues.


Ecological Sciences

The Ecological Sciences are comprised of multiple disciplines. The staff is responsible for ensuring the latest scientific technology and technical information and data are integrated into the agency's conservation programs and activities.


Field Office Technical Guide Logo

The Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) is the primary technical reference for NRCS. It contains information about the conservation of soil, water, air, plant, animal, and human resources.


Geographic Information Systems

The Geographic Information Systems staff provides GIS information, data and products as well as technical support for Colorado NRCS personnel, partners, and the general public.


Snow Survey Program

The Snow Survey Program provides mountain snowpack data and streamflow forecasts used for conservation planning, water supply management, flood control, climate modeling, and recreation.


Soil Surveys Program

The Soil Survey Program applies the knowledge of soil science to natural resources conservation by providing quality soil, GIS, and resource information.


State Technical Committee

The State Technical Committee provides recommendations for establishing technical guidelines and program criteria and priorities necessary to carry out conservation provisions of the Farm Bill.


Water Resources Program

Water Resources provides the data and management activity information to protect and enhance water resources for human health and environmental quality.