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News Release

FREE Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Readiness Initiative Training Program

NRCS Colorado 2012 News Release       

For Immediate Release   Katherine Burse-Johnson
Public Affairs Specialist
Office Number: 720-544-2863
Fax Number: 720-544-2965

April 5, 2012

                                                     REGISTER TODAY!
FREE Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Readiness Initiative Training Program


Denver – Time is running out to register for a free Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Readiness Initiative Training Program. The CRP Readiness Initiative Program is sponsored by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), nationally, to train additional conservation and agricultural professionals at a local/state level to provide services associated with CRP planning, implementation, and management. Colorado and Oklahoma were identified as CRP priority states with a predicted high workload.

Agricultural and conservation professionals, who interested in working with CRP as contractors, are invited to attend this two-day training, to be held on April 18-19, 2012. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to work directly with a project mentor, participate in online forums and webinars, and sign up for free supplemental training courses as needed. This training is free and lunches are provided. However, attendees are responsible for their lodging and other travel expenses. To make reservations, please contact the Hampton Inn, 27800 US Hwy 50, La Junta, CO, 81050, at (719) 384-4444 and use the name “CRP Readiness” for blocked rooms.

"The CRP Readiness Initiative was created to help NRCS accomplish the work involved with managing CRP enrollments, CRP plan development and implementation, and the follow up management of developed plans," said Phyllis Ann Philipps, State Conservationist, Colorado NRCS.

Upon course completion, participants will be familiar with the processes and procedures necessary to develop conservation plans for CRP, as well as CRP background procedures, and administration by the USDA-Farm Service Agency. The steps to becoming officially registered/qualified as a Technical Service Provider or other contractor will be covered (participating in this program does not guarantee you will be contracted by USDA, partner organization, or a landowner). Continuing Education Units are under review for Certified Crop Advisors, Certified Range Management Consultants, and Certified Foresters; please let us know if we may facilitate applying for additional or alternate CEUs, on your behalf.

The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) gives farmers and landowners technical assistance and a financial incentive to reduce soil erosion and runoff, leading to improved water quality and wildlife habitat.

For more information or to register for the training please visit

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