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Conservation on Your Land: Forestland

Forestland Information

1. What are your primary goals associated with the forestland?

__ Timber __ Grazing __Wildlife __ Recreation __ Other

2. What type of forest is it?

__ Conifer Cover Type # Acres ____
__ Hardwood Cover Type # Acres ____
__ Other # Acres ____
__ Don’t Know

3. If managed for timber harvest:

  1. Do you currently have any management or timber harvesting plans on this site? Yes _____ No ______
  2. Is this a Class I, II, or III timber site? (Use CDF site classes.) Yes _____ No ______ Don’t Know ______
  3. Are you clearing an area for a fuel break? Yes _____ No ______
  4. What method do you use to clear brush? _____________________________
  5. Are any areas actively eroding? Yes _____ No ______
  6. Do you plant trees? Yes _____ No _____ If yes, what kind?

4. If managed primarily for grazing, please complete Livestock Information section.


5. If managed primarily for wildlife, recreation, or other uses, describe other type of enterprises and management used.

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Forestland (PDF; 210 KB)