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News Release

Conservation Videos Give Quick Glimpse into Assistance Available

Anita Brown (530) 792-5644

DAVIS, Calif., Oct. 21, 2013–USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service in California has released four short videos on YouTube, providing a quick glimpse into some of the Agency’s most popular conservation opportunities (

In about four minutes viewers can meet a California farmer or rancher who is working with the Agency to solve a conservation dilemma, meet the conservationist who assists, and watch the process they use to craft a solution. The videos follow a brief conservation planning journey for the following situations: 

  • Nutrient Management for Farmland Irrigation Systems
  • Water Management for Greenhouses
  • Hillside Orchard Drainage
  • Conservation Planning for Access Roads on Forest Land

“It gives you a better understanding and sense of familiarity to view the conservation process through the eyes of a real farmer or rancher who is trying to solve a practical problem,” said State Conservationist Carlos Suarez. “YouTube is a powerful medium and it’s time the conservation work done by farmers and ranchers takes its place there.”

If the video piques a viewer’s interest in pursuing a conservation solution, they are encouraged to seek the services of a professional conservationist available in one of the Agency’s 55 California offices. Locations can be found at

NRCS has provided leadership in a partnership effort to help America's private land owners and managers conserve their soil, water and other natural resources since 1935. For more information on NRCS, visit