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News - Conservation Stewardship Program Applications Due by June 14

Natural Resources Conservation Service - News Release

Conservation Stewardship Program Applications Due by June 14

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DAVIS, Calif., May 31, 2013—The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in California will provide funding to enroll agricultural acreage this year into the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP). Nationwide, NRCS will allocate $175 million to enroll up to 12.6 million additional acres this year.

The voluntary program allows landowners to go the extra mile in conserving natural resources while also maintaining or increasing the productivity of their operations.

"CSP helps landowners afford the cost of implementing a higher level of conservation on their land," said Carlos Suarez, state conservationist in California. "I want to encourage all landowners to consider participating in the program."

For California, different natural resource concerns are eligible for funding based on geographical location within the state. As an example, landowners in the Central Valley who address water quality and quantity, air quality, and plant and animal species are eligible to participate.

A CSP self-screening checklist is available to help landowners determine if the program is suitable for their operation. The checklist highlights basic information about CSP eligibility requirements, stewardship threshold requirements and payment types. For the checklist and additional information, please visit or your local NRCS Service Center.

Although applications are accepted all year, farmers, ranchers and non-industrial, private forestland owners interested in CSP should submit applications by June 14 to their local NRCS office to ensure they are considered for this year’s funding. The deadline was extended from May 31.

Applications will be evaluated relative to other applications in addressing similar priority resource concerns as shown in the table below:

California Ranking Pools

Priority Resource Concerns

Water Quality Energy Air Quality Water Quantity Soil Erosion Soil Quality Plants Animals
Agricultural Land North Coast / Sierras X X   X     X X
Agricultural Land Central/South Coast / Low Desert X X X       X X
Agricultural Land Central Valley X   X X     X X
Non-industrial Private Forest Land Statewide X       X X X X
Ranked separately within each ranking pool are: Beginning farmers and ranchers
Socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers


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