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California NRCS Leadership

Carlos Suarez
State Conservationist
State Conservationist

The mission of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is to address the natural resource conservation on private lands. NRCS defines "conservation" as wise use of natural resources - soil, water, air, plant, and animal - in order to sustain productivity of current and future generations. NRCS accomplishes this mission by working directly with local Resource Conservation Districts and Resource Conservation and Development Councils. They do their best to ensure that local conservation concerns are met. We do our best to balance their specific, local needs with a national conservation effort.

Alan Forkey, Assistant State Conservationist, Programs
Jim Kocsis, Assistant State Conservationist, Operations
Vacant, Assistant State Conservationist, Management & Strategy

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Luana E. Kiger 
Team Leader
Tribal Team

The Tribal Team is committed to ensuring that all NRCS programs and services are accessible to all Tribes in California.

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Luis Laracuente
State Conservation Engineer
  The Engineering Staff provides technical support in engineering design, water management, water supply, water quality, landscape architecture, and geology. The staff is responsible for formulating and recommending state technical policies in conformance with national standards, dam safety, and engineering staffing and training needs. 

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Anita Brown
Public Affairs & Outreach Director
Public Affairs & Outreach

The Public Affairs and Outreach staff develops products, conducts training and serve as media liaisons for the Agency to build public awareness and understanding of NRCS programs in California.

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Thomas Hedt
State Resource Conservationist
Ecological Sciences
  The Ecological Sciences Section provides support and assistance to California NRCS Field Offices regarding technical and natural resource related issues and conservation projects.

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Cynthia Stiles
Soil Survey Regional Director
Soils Regional Technical Team

The Technical Soil Services staff help people understand soils and soil survey information. Assistance includes distribution and explanation of soil survey information and products; providing soils information to support the policies and programs of other federal, state, or local agencies or units of government; providing soils information and interpretations to NRCS field office employees, conservation district cooperators, and USDA program participants in the planning of resource conservation practices and resource management systems; and providing services that support the design and installation of civil engineering works, structures, and agricultural practices, or to test and evaluate agriculture research predictions.

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Assistant State Conservationists for Field Operations Jim Spear, Area I, Red Bluff, California
Kay Joy-Barge, Area II, Salinas, California
Curtis Tarver, Area III, Fresno, California
Jae Lee, Area IV, Riverside, California