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Engineering Report Forms

Engineering Report Forms

The use of the following engineering forms for installation of a project without signed approval from an NRCS employee with designated approval authority is prohibited.

The following documents require Microsoft Word.

Design Report Template

Form Number Description File Format (.doc)
NRCS-AZ-ENG-0601 Design Review Template Doc IconNRCS-AZ-ENG-0601 (32K)
NRCS-AZ-ENG-0602 Design Report Template Doc IconNRCS-AZ-ENG-0602 (29K)

Inspection Reports

Form Number Description File Format (.doc)
NRCS-AZ-ENG-0603 Stream Barb Inspection Plan Doc IconNRCS-AZ-ENG-0603 (39K)
NRCS-AZ-ENG-0604 Earth Berm Inspection Plan Doc IconNRCS-AZ-ENG-0604 (40K)
NRCS-AZ-ENG-0605 Diversion Structure Inspection Plan Doc IconNRCS-AZ-ENG-0605 (40K)
NRCS-AZ-ENG-0606 Large Pipe Inspection Plan Doc IconNRCS-AZ-ENG-0606 (47K)
NRCS-AZ-ENG-0607 Pipe Inspection Plan Doc IconNRCS-AZ-ENG-0607 (51K)
NRCS-AZ-ENG-0608 Pond Inspection Plan Doc IconNRCS-AZ-ENG-0608 (40K)
NRCS-AZ-ENG-0609 Post/Pole Structures Inspection Plan Doc IconNRCS-AZ-ENG-0609 (49K)
NRCS-AZ-ENG-0610 Pump Inspection Plan Doc IconNRCS-AZ-ENG-0610 (49K)
NRCS-AZ-ENG-0611 Water Control Structure Inspection Plan Doc IconNRCS-AZ-ENG-0611 (41K)