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Powerline-Vineyard Road-Rittenhouse Dam

Powerline-Vineyard Road-Rittenhouse Flood Retarding Structure

Rehabilitation Fact Sheet


  • Flood Control District of Maricopa County
  • Board of Supervisors of Pinal County
  • East Maricopa Natural Resource Conservation District

Project Location: Maricopa and Pinal Counties, Arizona 

Authorization: Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, Public Law 83-566, as amended, and Public Law 106-472, Small Watershed Rehabilitation Amendments of 2000.

Project Summary:

The Powerline, Vineyard Road, and Rittenhouse Flood Retarding Structures were originally constructed by the Soil Conservation Service (now the Natural Resources Conservation Service–NRCS) in 1967-1969.  The earthen structures provide flood protection to the rapidly developing East Valley, including portions of the Cities of Apache Junction, Gilbert, and Mesa, Arizona. The Flood Control District of Maricopa County (FCDMC) currently operates and maintains these structures

Earth fissures have recently been discovered in the vicinity of the Powerline and Vineyard structures.  Also, transverse cracking has been observed in the embankment of all three dams.  As a result, there exists a potential for dam failure from potential earth fissures through the embankments and/or from piping through transverse cracks, which would cause breaching of the dams during a major flooding event.  In response, the FCDMC is currently implementing an interim dam safety project for the Powerline FRS.  Concurrently, the Sponsors are developing a Rehabilitation Plan and Environmental Assessment for the rehabilitation or replacement of all three structures to provide for continued flood protection.