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Nutrient Management

Grazing Management

Nutrient Management

Nutrient management plans determine the nutrients present in the soil, those entering each field as fertilizer materials and those leaving the field as harvested crops, so ranchers can optimize production.

What it does for you

  • Identifies the sources and quantities of all plant nutrients on the farm.

  • Assesses the potential availability of nutrients based on the type, placement, timing and application methods.

  • Optimizes use of nutrients.

  • Reduces chance of environmental problems.

  • Can reduce fertilizer costs and improve yields.

  • Maintains or improves the condition of soil.


  • Nutrient planning is a dynamic process.

  • Soil and manure analyses must be performed.

  • Nutrient management plans are a requirement of all Confined Animal Feeding Operation permits.

  • Land managers must fertilize and lime according to soil tests and account for nutrient credits from all sources.

  • Clovers can be seeded into grass to provide nitrogen.

  • Organic matter of the soil must be monitored.

  • A well-managed grazing system can "spread" nutrients throughout the field.