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Engineering Standard Drawings 300 Through 399

Engineering Standard Drawings

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat or if you have Auto CADD you can download the DWG file.

Open Throat, Full Flow Structures 300 Through 399

DWG # Title Date Drawing Format
       Fillable PDF  DWG
AR-ENG-300 Low-Water Weir (With No Drop In Grade) Suggested Design 02/72

PDF (123 KB)

DWG (118 KB)
AR-ENG-301 Paved Flume 03/96 PDF (53 KB) DWG (69 KB)
AR-ENG-302 Concrete Block Chute Design Sheet 03/96 PDF (92 KB) DWG (66 KB)
AR-ENG-303 Concrete Block Chute (3 Sheet) 03/96 PDF (317 KB) DWG (392 KB)
AR-ENG-304 Irrigation Weir Suggested Design 06/00 PDF (77 KB) DWG (134 KB)

For more information or help with any of the Arkansas Standard Drawings, E-mail or call (501) 301-3141.