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Arkansas Toolkit Tips & Tricks

Customer Service Toolkit - Arkansas

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Toolkit Tips, Tricks, & Shortcuts, Reference, and Help Materials


PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat

Tips and Tricks

  • 0 - Index page for Supplemental, Reference, and Toolkit Help Material - Arkansas  (PDF; 15KB) - If you print the entire toolkit manual and supplemental material package you may want an index page to place in your notebook.

  • 1 - Using a CLU Layer to Create Planned Land Units - Arkansas  (PDF; 8.2 MB) - Using the already digitized common land unit layer (CLU) allows you to use Farm Service delineations, acreage calculations, and field numbers as a guide.

  • 2 - Using a Garmin Map76 with Toolkit - Arkansas  (PDF; 8.2 MB) - Easy directions for using the Garmin GPS to take data from Toolkit to the field and back again.

  • 3 - Editing or Adding a Practice Narrative for Toolkit - Arkansas  (PDF; 0.8 MB) - Add a practice to use in conservation plans.

  • 4 - Toolkit Practice Customer - Arkansas  (PDF; 0.7 MB) - Make a "fake" customer to use for practice or for printing one time ArcMap documents for walk-in customers.

  • 6 - Reporting Progress from Toolkit - Arkansas  (PDF; 0.9 MB) - Goaled and non-goaled items can be reported using toolkit.

  •  7 - Adding Tools to ArcMap - Arkansas  (PDF; 1 MB) - Special buttons can be added to your toolbar that will make your use of ArcMap faster and easier.  You decide what makes your work less complicated and add those shortcuts.

  • 7b - The Continuous Pan Zoom Tool for ArcMap  (PDF; 0.3 MB) - This tool is just one of the many special buttons that can be added to your ArcMap toolbar to make your work easier.

  • 8 - Deleting Un-needed plan databases - Arkansas  (PDF; 0.5 MB) - Consplan1, consplan2,...consplan9?  How can you combine and eliminate redundant consplans?

  • 9 - Using the PLSS layer to zoom to a land legal description (PDF; 1.3 MB) - You can easily zoom to a legal description following these instructions.

  • 10 - How to Make Address and Name Changes in the Preferences that will Remain Consistent from Plan to Plan (PDF; 0.6 MB) - submitted by John Kluthe

  • 11 - Creating a Default County Template (PDF; 1.4 MB) - This document will show the user how to create a default ArcMap document for their county.

  • 12 - Creating Buffers and Waste Exclusion Areas (PDF; 3.7 MB) - While these instructions are targeted toward animal waste applications, some of the procedures demonstrated here will also work for other types of buffers such as Riparian Forest Buffers and those developed for CRP. 

  • 13 - Setting up Soil Data Viewer in Toolkit (3.0 MB) - Quick Guide for Using Soil Data Viewer 5.2 with Customer Service Toolkit.

  • 14 - How to Get a Map Unit Description from Soil Data Viewer (PDF; 1.0 MB) - Once you have Soil Data Viewer set up and you have your soils map developed for your plan you can print a Map Unit Description from Toolkit. 

  • Reference Materials

  • R1 - An Introduction to Geographical Data for NRCS Users - Arkansas  (PDF; 0.1 MB) - The hard concepts, made easy.

  • R2 - Toolkit Glossary - Arkansas  (PDF; 0.1 MB) - The hard words, made easy.

  • R3 - Toolkit Toolbar - Arkansas  (PDF; 0.3 MB) - Easy explanation of Toolkit buttons.

  • Helpful Materials from Other States

    Disclaimer: The documents and references in this section were developed by and for some other state; consequently, the information may not be applicable to you.  If you have questions about the processes in these documents contact your area office or Arkansas Toolkit Coordinator. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE PERSONS LISTED ON THESE DOCUMENTS!