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Engineering Construction Specifications

Arkansas Engineering Construction Specifications

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word.

Construction Specifications Guide (PDF; 11 KB)

AR-1, Clearing (DOC; 26 KB)

AR-2, Clearing and Grubbing (DOC; 26.5 KB)

AR-3, Structure Removal (DOC; 26 KB)

AR-6, Seeding, Sprigging and Mulching (PDF; 162 KB)

AR-21, Excavation (PDF; 70 KB)

AR-23A, Earth Fill - Class A (DOC; 45.5 KB)

AR-23C Earth Fill - Class C (PDF;  76 KB)

AR-24, Drainfill (DOC; 27 KB)

AR-26, Topsoiling (PDF; 66 KB)

AR-27, Diversion (DOC; 27.5 KB)

AR-31, Concrete for Major Structures (DOC; 55 KB)

AR-32, Structure Concrete (DOC; 32 KB)

AR-34, Steel Reinforcement (DOC; 28.5 KB)

AR-42, Concrete Pipeline (DOC; 31.5 KB)

AR-45, Plastic Pipe (PDF; 78 KB)

AR-51, Corrugated Metal Pipe (PDF; 80 KB)

AR-52, Steel Pipe (PDF; 81 KB)

AR-61, Rock Riprap (DOC; 30 KB)

AR-64, Wire Mesh Gabions and Mattresses (DOC; 26.5 KB)

AR-81, Metal Fabrication and Installation (PDF; 72 KB)

AR-82, Painting Metalwork (PDF; 156 KB)

AR-83, Timber Fabrication and Installation (DOC; 27 KB)

AR-95, Geotextile (DOC; 27.5 KB)

AR-97, Flexible Membrane Liner (DOC; 35.5 KB)

For more information or help with any of the Arkansas Standard Drawings, E-mail or call (501) 301-3141.

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