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Booneville Plant Materials Center

Booneville Plant Materials Center

Map of Booneville Plant Materials Center area of responsibilityThe Booneville Plant Materials Center (BPMC) is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) National Plant Materials Program.

The mission of the Plant Materials Program is to develop plants and plant technology to solve conservation needs. Technical information is passed to NRCS field staff to better assist landowners on working farms and ranches.

The BPMC is part of 27 Plant Materials Centers nationwide. The BPMC has a service area of 53 million acres in western Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma, and southwestern Missouri.

The BPMC develops vegetative recommendations for customers in the Ozark Highlands, Boston Mountains, Arkansas River Valley and Ridges, Ouachita Mountains, and the Western Coastal Plains major land resource areas.

The BPMC farm is composed of 285 acres of land leased from the state of Arkansas. The research facility is located at the Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center, which is 6 miles southwest of Booneville on State Highway 23.

Training and Outreach

The staff at the Booneville PMC conducts annual workshops for NRCS field office employees to assist them in applying plant establishment and maintenance techniques. BPMC also partners with other organizations to hold public workshops. This training includes plant identification, seed/plant collecting procedures, calibration of planting and herbicide application equipment, and controlled burning.


  • Protection and enhancement of water quality
  • Protection and enhancement of pastureland
  • Critical area treatment
  • Protection and enhancement of cropland
  • Protection and enhancement of wildlfie habitat
  • Protection and enhancement of forestland

Plant Releases

These documents require Adobe Acrobat.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact the PM Program Webmaster at 520-292-2999 Ext. 112

Release Name Scientific Name Common Name Uses Release Brochure
Hampton Germplasm Andropogon gerardii big bluestem forage production, erosion control, wildlife habitat and water quality improvement Brochure (PDF; 84 KB)
OH 370 Germplasm Andropogon gerardii big bluestem wildlife habitat and food and restoration  
Bumpers Tripsacum dactyloides eastern gamagrass primarily for livestock forage and hay production. Also has potential use as a perennial silage crop, as a silt/nutrient buffer and in vegetative barriers.  


Visitors are welcome at the Booneville PMC. Before visiting, please contacts us to ensure a staff member will be available.

Our hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service Booneville Plant Materials Center 6883 South State Hwy 23 Booneville, AR 72927 Phone: 479.675.5182 Fax: 479.675.5466

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