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AWRBIAC 160th Meeting Minutes

160th AWRBIAC Meeting Minutes

October 19-21, 2010
Lake Murray State Park
Ardmore, Okla.

Call to Order and Welcome

The Chairman, Mr. Greg Stanley, Forecaster from the ABRFC, called the 160th meeting of the Arkansas-White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee (AWRBIAC) to order on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at the Lake Murray State Lodge, Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Bob Blazs volunteered to be secretary for the 161st meeting.  John Gage will participate in the notes and review of the minutes prior to submission for review.

Those present were:

  • Mr. Greg Stanley, Commerce/NOAA/NWS/ABRFC, Current Committee Chair
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Beat, US Army Corps of Engineers, Southwest Division
  • Mr. Bob Blazs, U.S. Geological Survey, Oklahoma Water Science Center
  • Mr. John Gage, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Oklahoma
  • Mr. John Turner, Arkansas Natural Resource Commission
  • Mrs. April Burns, USDA, Stillwater, Oklahoma
  • Mr. Micheal Denny, Department of Energy, Southwester Power Authority
  • Mr. Jason Lewis, U.S. Geological Survey, Oklahoma Water Science Center
  • Mr. J. Richard Hanlon, U.S.Geological Survey, Oklahoma Water Science Center
  • Mrs. Noel Osborn, Oklahoma Water Resources Division
  • Mr. Bryce Todd, Lake Murray State Park Manager

Each person present at the beginning of Day 1 introduced themselves.

Treasurer’s Report

Mrs. Beat presented the current balance and gave statements to the current conference room charges and equipment rental.  This propagated the registration fees for the current meeting at the proposed value of $20.00. A motioned was made to accept the Treasurer’s report. Motion seconded and approved.  A motion was made to accept the charges for the current conference registration fees to be $20.00 and was seconded and approved.

Approval of Minutes of the 159th Meeting

Chairperson Stanley asked for comments and corrections of the minutes of the 159th meeting.  A few corrections were noted and the minutes were approved pending corrections.  Motion was carried, seconded and approved the minutes of the 159th meeting with corrections.

Agencies Five-Minute Reports 
  • Dept of Energy, Southwestern Power Report:  presented by Mike Denny
  • Bureau of Reclamation Report:  presented by John Gage
  • USGS State reports: presented by Mr. Blazs
  • Commerce/NOAA/NWS/ABRFC Report:  presented by Greg Stanley
  • USACE, Southwestern Division Report: presented by Elizabeth Beat
  • Arkansas Natural Resource Commission Report: presented by John Turner
  • National Resources Conservation Service Report: presented by April Burns

All presentations will be submitted electronically to the committee chair for inclusion on the official ARBIAC Web site on the NRCS-Arkansas

Web Pages:

Meeting was adjourned at the conclusion of the agency reports.

Call to order:  Wednesday, October 20, 2010,  Technical Program

Mr. Stanley introduced the first speaker, Mrs. Noel Osborn, OWRB-Water Resources Geologist, “An Overview of the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer Study”.

Mr. Stanley introduced the second speaker, Mr. Mark Teeters, Park Naturalist, Lake Murray State Park, “The History of Lake Murray and Its State Park”.

Mrs. Noel Osborn, OWRB-Water Resources Geologist, led the afternoons tour of the Arbuckle-Simpson study sites from Honey Creek, Turner Falls, Chickasaw National Recreation Area, and the Vendome well and spring area

Call to Order: Thursday, October 21, 2010, Business Session:

Discussion of the current AWRBIAC venue and viability was entertained with varied interests from the limited attendees.  Noted was the directive under president, Harry S. Truman, given to the Southwestern Division of the USACE to chair the AWRBIAC meetings: “President Harry S Truman designated the Department of the Army to be the chair agency for the (AWRBIAC) committee. The Southwestern Division received operational responsibility for the task."


A motion was made, carried and seconded for John Gage to draft a letter relating the history, accomplishments, current direction and purpose, and the relevance of the Federally directed AWRBIAC in today’s application and importance.  This will consider the significance of the outcomes for these meetings with respect to the duplications of the more recent river compacts in these same basins.  The letter will be reviewed, edited, and returned for final draft to be submitted to the appropriate level of director in each of the congressionally designated participating agencies as stated in Chapter 3 of the establishment of the AWRBIAC:

 “Also ordered to participate were the departments of Labor, Commerce and Interior, the Federal Power Commission and the Public Health Service. Governors of eight states were also invited to take part. President Harry S Truman designated the Department of the Army to be the chair agency for the committee. The Southwestern Division received operational responsibility for the task.”

This will be reviewed in six-months at a location to be determined prior to submissions by each agency to the participating agency directors for decision and recommendations.

Election of Officers
  • John Turner was elected as Committee Chair for the 161st and 162nd meetings
  • John Gage was elected, as Committee Secretary for the 161st and 162nd meetings
  • Elizabeth Beat was elected, as Committee Treasurer for the 161st meeting.  She is expected to retire prior to the 162nd meeting.

Mr. Stanley received a motion for adjourned which was approved and seconded.  Members of the committee then met at Tucker Tower Nature Center before departing the area.