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2012 Cache River\L'Anguille River WREP MRBI Project

2012 Cache River/L'Anguille River Wetlands Reserve Enhancement Program Project

Cache and L'Anguille MRBI WREP Project Area  


The Cache/L’Anguille - Mississippi River Basin Initiative (MRBI) - Wetlands Reserve Enhancement Program (WREP) Project is a voluntary program that provides financial and technical assistance to agricultural producers for addressing water quality concerns in parts of the Cache River and L’Anguille River watersheds.

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in partnership with Poinsett and Craighead County Conservation Districts has received funding for the initiative. Funding is available for portions of Craighead and Poinsett counties.


Funding will be available to eligible landowners through WREP. NRCS will purchase easements and the conservation districts will restore hydrology and vegetation reducing the amount of nutrient runoff and sediments deposited in the Cache River and L’Anguille River associated with agricultural production. Land and producer eligibility, adjusted gross income, and all other program criteria for participation in Wetlands Reserve Program must be met to participate in this initiative.

How to Apply for MRBI

NRCS and associated conservation partners will deliver this program collaboratively. Applications may be obtained and filed with the Natural Resources Conservation Service at:

  • Craighead County Jonesboro Field Service Center 3407 S. Caraway Rd., Suite 1 Jonesboro, AR 72404 (870) 972-4671, ext. 3
  • Poinsett County Harrisburg Field Service Center 505 Brooks Ave. Harrisburg, AR 72432 (870) 578-2444, ext. 3


Randy Childress
Assistant State Conservationist for Easements
(501) 301-3131

Dianne Schlenker
Initiatives Coordinator
(501) 301-3152