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Conservation Innovation Grant Checklist 2009

Conservation Innovation Grants Checklist - 2009

Important: Applications Missing Any of These Required Items Will Not Be Considered

      1.  Application Cover Sheet: Complete Standard Form 424 (SF-424) Application for Federal Assistance

      2.  Project Summary Sheet: (One page maximum)

a.       Project Title

b.      Project Director name, contact information (including e-mail)

c.       Names and affiliations of project collaborators

d.      Project Purpose

e.       Project Deliverables/ Products

f.       Project Scope/Area

g.      Project Start and End Dates (Projects should plan to begin no earlier that October 1, 2009)

h.      CIG State Component Category (Natural Resources or Technology)

i.        Certification-Request for Federal Funds

      3.  One-Page Abstract: (non-confidential summary describing the project and expected outcomes and benefits)

      4.  Project Description: (15 pages maximum, double spaced, single sided, 12 point font)

a.       Project narrative

b.      Project background

c.       Project objectives

d.      Project methods

e.       Location and size of project area (include a map if possible)

f.       Producer participation

g.      Project action plan and timeline

h.      Project management

i.        Benefits or results expected and transferability

j.        Project evaluation

k.      Environmental information and assessment of environmental impacts

      5.  Budget Information: Submit a completed Standard Form 424A (SF-424a) Budget Information-Non-Construction Programs

      6.  Budget Narrative: Submit a detailed budget narrative (maximum of 3 pages)

      7.  Declaration of Beginning Farmer or Rancher, Socially Disadvantaged Farmer or Rancher (Special Provisions): If applicable, include a statement declaring your status as a Beginning Farmer or Rancher, Socially Disadvantaged Farmer or Rancher, or Community-based Organization representing these entities.

      8.  Declaration Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Eligibility: Include a statement indicating that the proposed project will involve EQIP-eligible producers. Applicants must make a declaration in writing that they, or parties involved in the project, are eligible for EQIP. (If EQIP eligible producers are not involved, the proposal will be considered ineligible.)

      9.  Certifications: Complete Standard Form 424B (SF-424b) Assurances-Non-Construction Programs

      10. DUNS Number: For information about how to obtain a DUNS number go to  Request a DUNS number or call 1-866-705-5711. Please note that the registration may take up to 14 business days to complete.

11. Required Central Contractor Registration (CCR): Visit to register.