CSP Pasture and Hay Land Species

2009 Conservation Stewardship Program

Pasture and Hay Land Species

Nesting Dates: April 1 - August 1

List A - Pasture and Hay Land Species that Promote Wildlife Conservation

Plant Common Name Functional Group
Aechynomene Legume
Alfalfa Legume
Arrowleaf Clover Legume
Big Bluestem Warm season grass
Birdsfoot Trefoil Legume
Blackeyed Susan Forb
Canada Wildrye Cool season grass
Catclaw Sensitivebriar Forb
Cereal Rye Cool season grass
Chickory Forb
Compassplant Forb
Crimson Clover Legume
Crownvetch Legume
Eastern Gammagrass Warm season grass
Evening Primrose Forb
Goldenrod Forb
Illinois Bundleflower Legume
Indian Blanket Forb
Indiangrass Warm season grass
Kobe Lespedeza Legume
Korean Lespedeza Legume
Ladino Clover Legume
Lanceleaf Coreopsis Forb
Little Bluestem Warm season grass
Marion Lespedeza Legume
Maximillian Sunflower Forb
Pale Purple Coneflower Forb
Partridge Pea Legume
Plains Coreopsis Forb
Prairie Cordgrass Warm season grass
Purple Coneflower Forb
Red Clover Legume
Sideoats Grama Warm season grass
Switchgrass Warm season grass
Tickseed Sunflower Forb
Virginia Wildrye Cool season grass
White Clover Legume
Winter Aster Forb

List B - Other Pasture and Hay Land Species Used in Arkansas

Plant Common Name Functional Group
Bahaia Grass Warm season grass
Bermudagrass Warm season grass
Fescue Cool season grass
Old World Bluestems Warm season grass
Perennial Ryegrass Cool season grass
Reed Canary Grass Cool season grass
Sericea Lespedeza Legume
Weeping Lovegrass Warm season grass


Last Modified: 08/17/2009