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Burynski Irrigation System

Tim and Jill Burzynski - Jackson County

Tailwater recovery project site

Typical tailwater recovery project site.

USDA funds will be used to assist with irrigating Tim and Jill Burzynski's crops more efficiently and implementing a tailwater recovery system to reduce groundwater usage.

They own a 1600+ acre rice and soybean farm along the Black River in Jackson County.  Prior to their knowledge of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), they found it almost impossible to irrigate their farm due to the inefficient use of water.  While visiting with the NRCS district conservationist they realized the need for conservation on their farm.

Through EQIP funding, the Burzynski’s have completed land leveling, underground irrigation pipeline, structure for water control and a tailwater recovery system.  Through these conservation practices, they efficiently irrigate approximately 330 acres.  Their new tailwater recovery system saves their groundwater by enabling them to irrigate more than 400 acres with surface water.