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Prescribed Grazing

Grazing Management

Prescribed Grazing

Prescribed grazing (pasture management) matches forage composition and herd requirements to optimize production.

What it does for you

  • Saves money by reducing feed and fertilizer and pesticide application costs.

  • Yields a higher availability of quality forage and extends the grazing season.

  • Decreases weed pressure.

  • Optimizes animal performance and increases carrying capacity.

  • Increases profits and results in a more sustainable operation.


  • Pasture can provide all the nutrients needed by most livestock.

  • Prescribed grazing increases the health of the animals and decreases stress through better management.

  • Pastures can be managed so that high-quality forage is consistently available to livestock.

  • The best forages to use are those that match the animals’ needs and production potential of the soils.

  • As forage gets older, the nutrient content drops. Pastures should be either grazed or mown for hay to encourage new growth of high-quality forage.

  • Wildlife habitat can be increased with a well-managed grazing system.